Most Doctors Don’t Make House Calls or Guarantees— PCRx does!

PCRx has been keeping PCs healthy for over 30 years and will ensure that your issues are fixed and your system configured as it was previously. You will be given a consultation on what has happened, what will be done to fix the problem, and what can be done to keep the problem from happening in the future.

PCs can be difficult to diagnose—there are as many hardware and software configurations as there are computer users. PCRx uses systematic procedures and specialized operating-system-level software diagnostic tools along with technicians with the innate ability to solve problems.


  • Optimize and Clean System
  • Spyware, Popup and Virus Removal
  • Crash Recovery and Restoration
  • System and Network Install
  • Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • Home Theater PC Integration
  • Personalized Training